Delicato family vineyards processing sales orders 60% faster with Esker’s automated solution

Updated: May 15, 2020

Delicato family vineyards processing sales orders 60% faster with Esker’s automated solution

SPI, the African distributor for utility software products and services to the Open Systems segment of the IT industry and the Southern African reseller for Esker, a leader in document process automation solutions, today announced that Delicato Family Vineyards, one of the fastest growing wine companies in the United States over the past half-decade, has automated its order management process using the latter’s AI-driven Order Processing solution.

Esker’s solution integrates directly with Delicato’s SAP® software system, minimising the number of repetitive manual tasks and making order processing faster, more accurate and fully transparent from reception to fulfilment. Today, 95% of Delicato’s orders are processed electronically through Esker whereas, before, its growing volume of orders were all processed and entered into SAP manually.

“Processing orders manually in SAP had become very time consuming,” commented John Tinston, Director of Customer Service at Delicato. “There came a point where spending so much time entering orders in SAP was impacting our ability to focus on more value-added services to our customers. Asking for more staff to keep up with the volume was not an option; that’s when we turned to Esker.”

Delicato’s initiative with Esker was implemented in 2017; since going-live, the company has already seen numerous benefits as a result, including:

  1. Lean growth: growing order volumes can now be managed without adding headcount

  2. 60% faster order processing: orders get processed, audited and released in the same day

  3. Improved morale: staff feels more empowered and accomplished, thanks to less data entry

  4. Better decision making: instant access to order-related data promotes quicker, more informed decisions regarding bandwidth, logistics, etc.

  5. Increased audit accuracy: less manual work makes it easier to spot potential issues during audit

  6. More time for program management: resources are now free to devote to new product launches, customer outreach, etc.

“Doing things the old way, it typically took us 15 minutes to process a single order. Today, it’s more like five to six minutes thanks to Esker,” added Tinston. “What’s more, the ability to gather information in real time just wasn’t an option before; however, identifying priority orders, monitoring bandwidth, total visibility to the order queue is now it’s all done with the touch of a button thanks to Esker.”

For more information, please contact Chris Anderson of SPI Group Pty Ltd  on 011 234 1560 or fax 011 234 1387; email chris@spi.co.za or visit our website www.spi.co.za

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