The Data Center Secret Since 1978

IRI is a quiet, but long-proven, leader in the business of data processing. Our customer base and software stack grew from a powerful data manipulation utility called CoSort, which is still in wide use today. And now, the advanced CoSort engine along with seamless Hadoop options and a free Eclipse front-end buttress a modern data management and security product line, and a versatile data solutions platform.
IRI's primary value proposition as an ISV continues to be affordable speed in volume. That's why the routines in IRI software also do the heavy lifting inside others' jobs and products. That reality wins us accolades and a lot of loyal customers, but has also meant low visibility in boardrooms and magic quadrants, and no visibility on jetways or TV.

As you consider what's important to you, also know that all IRI software shares the same open metadata, plus a familiar, extensible and free Eclipse IDE supporting both:
Fast Data Management Data profiling, cleansing, integration, migration, and reporting, plus 3rd-party BI/DB/ETL platform acceleration
Data-Centric Protection PII/PHI classification, discovery, and de-identification, plus re-ID risk scoring, and synthetic test data generation
With "speed, ease, versatility, and value" in every IRI product, our users enjoy the fastest and most cost-effective ways to discover, integrate, migrate, govern, and analyze their data, be it big or small, static or streaming, on-premise or in the cloud. And it's only with IRI software that they can do many of these things simultaneously, and without hardware upgrades, multi-tool complexity, or mega-vendor prices.

The mission of Innovative Routines International (IRI), Inc. is to keep growing and satisfying its global customer base with state-of-the-art data management and security software, and responsive business policies, that deliver:
•    performance and scalability
•    functionality and usability
•    agility and governance
•    short- and long-term affordability
The company will continue to achieve its goals through internal enhancement and external adoption of its proven data manipulation engines, open metadata, and ergonomic extensions to Eclipse that make data processing, protection, prototyping, and presentation available to everyone in the enterprise through the same platform.
IRI is also dedicated to maintaining an internal culture of innovation, quality, and diversity, and to remaining a software industry leader through third-party integrations and international partnerships.