Our products have been under active development since 1984 and have since grown to become some of the most mature solutions on the market, trusted and used around the world by leading organisations in industries such as Banking, Travel, Public Sector, Retail, and Education.


Printer Management Software for LINUX and UNIX

Xi-Text is an industry-leading open source enterprise printer software application and print management solution for UNIX and Linux systems.

Developed and released in 1984, the Xi-Text printer server management application delivers the power, flexibility and scalability to handle the needs of any production UNIX or Linux printing environment.

Linux Printer Management Software Xi-Text is proven print management technology and has a global user base in major industries including telecommunications, travel, hospitality, media, education and distribution


Batch job scheduling for LINUX and UNIX

If you’re in systems administration and operations, you will find Xi-Batch to be an essential tool to help you automate, track and manage the multitude of system and application processes common in today’s production systems.

Even though applications and database systems have become more integrated with their own support utilities, enterprises have site-specific scheduling and cross-application processing needs that are handled simply and reliably by Xi-Batch.

Database administrators rely on Xi-Batch to accurately and reliably place database systems into backup mode, initiate backup applications, then restore the applications to a production state. Systems administrators use Xi-Batch to initiate data transfers, trigger reporting routines and perform periodic system maintenance.