Award-Winning Data-Centric Security

Renowned startpoint security software in the IRI Data Protector suite and IRI Voracity data management platform will: classify, find, and mask personally identifiable information (PII) and other "data at risk" in multiple sources. Each one will help you comply (and prove compliance) with the CCPA, CIPSEA, FERPAHIPAA/HITECH, PCI DSS, and SOC2 in the US, and international data privacy laws like the GDPR, KVKK, LGPD, LOPD, PDPA, PIPEDA and POPI. 

Co-located and compatible IRI tooling in Voracity, including IRI RowGen, can also synthesize test data from scratch, and produce referentially correct (and optionally masked) database subsets.

IRI and its authorized partners around the world can help you implement fit-for-purpose compliance and breach mitigation solutions using these technologies if you need help. For more information, link to the products and use cases below. Schedule a free online demonstration or an on-site evaluation here.

FieldShield classifies, finds, de-identifies, risk-scores, and audits PII in databases, flat files, JSON, etc. to

achieve Structured Data Masking

DarkShield classifies, finds, and deletes PII in text, pdf, MS documents, logs, NoSQL DBs, image files, and faces to implement Unstructured Data Masking.