Esker strengthens Its Purchase-to-Pay Solution with new PunchOut Catalogue feature

Updated: May 15, 2020

Esker strengthens Its Purchase-to-Pay Solution with new PunchOut Catalogue feature

SPI, the African distributor for utility software products and services to the Open Systems segment of the IT industry and the Southern African reseller for Esker, a leader in document process automation solutions, today announced the launch by the latter of a new PunchOut catalogue feature for its Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) automation solution. Esker’s new functionality enables users to “punch out” from their procurement application to select online catalogues so that they can order anything online without leaving Esker’s P2P solution. As a result, users save time while purchasing at contract-negotiated prices.

Esker’s cloud-based, AI-powered platform automates the entire P2P process, eliminating manual tasks from purchasing and accounts payable, such as: supplier information management, contract management, procurement, accounts payable (AP) automation, expense management, payment and supply chain financing.

“We are continuously enhancing the scope of our P2P solution, particularly electronic purchasing, to help our customers get their spend management under control,” commented Catherine Dupuy, senior product manager at Esker. “By combining e-commerce with our P2P solution, users can place orders directly on Amazon, Dell, Staples, etc. without ever leaving Esker’s solution. Users benefit from a seamless uninterrupted workflow process; they can search, select and have their purchase approved in one go.”

Esker’s PunchOut catalogue feature delivers significant benefits to P2P solution customers, including:

  1. A simplified procurement process: Users can easily access vendor catalogues from Esker’s solution without having to navigate to the supplier’s website to get what they need

  2. An optimised approval process: Once items are placed in the online cart, the purchase requisition is automatically sent for approval according to a predefined workflow. Approvers can then validate the requisition directly on Esker’s portal or via Esker Anywhere™, Esker’s mobile application. Once approved, the requisition becomes an order and is transmitted to the vendor.

  3. Improved visibility and control: Real-time metrics and reporting capabilities increase visibility and control over spend, helping companies reduce maverick spending and bringing more spend under management.

  4. Real-time catalogue updates by suppliers: Item availability and prices are always up to date with no maintenance required on the customer’s end

For more information, please contact Chris Anderson of SPI Group Pty Ltd  on 011 234 1560 or fax 011 234 1387; email chris@spi.co.za  or visit our website www.spi.co.za

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