IRI Announces its Data Vault generation wizard

SPI, the African distributor for utility software products and services to the Open Systems segment of the IT industry and the sole sub-Saharan Africa distributor for USA-based Innovative Routines (IRI), today announced the latter’s development of a multi-function Data Vault® generation wizard for inclusion in the IRI Voracity® data management platform. The new IRI “Data Vault Generator” migrates relational database schema and data to Data Vault 2.0 architecture, and, creates referentially and business-key correct data.

IRI Voracity is an end-to-end data management software platform built on Eclipse™ for marshalling data in multiple sources, big and small, structured and unstructured. Voracity can perform, speed, and combine dozens of key activities in the areas of data discovery, integration, migration, governance, and analytics. Beyond functional versatility, Voracity is best known in the data warehousing industry for its ETL speed and affordability. Powered by interchangeable IRI CoSort or Hadoop® data transformation engines, Voracity also includes IRI RowGen technology for producing safe, referentially correct test data targets.

The wizard will be bundled at no additional cost into Voracity, allowing existing database users to quickly:

  • Convert their relational database models to a compatible Data Vault model that is also compliant with Snowflake database DDL;

  • Replicate their production data into Data Vault schema; and/or,

  • Populate a prototype Data Vault database with realistic, referentially correct test data

all whilst providing options to customise satellite table and business key assignments.

“We’re excited about what this connection to Data Vault represents,” remarked IRI Sr. Software Engineer Claudia Irvine. “Through this wizard, data architects can leverage the proven VLDB data movement and manipulation power of CoSort, Voracity’s rich DB administration, ETL and test data workflow environment, and the parallel database processing and agility-enabling design of Data Vault architecture,” she added. The Data Vault Generator wizard in Voracity bridges these benefits through a seamless, automatic process that speeds time to prototyping and production in Data Vault environments.

For more information, please contact Chris Anderson of SPI Group Pty Ltd  on 011 234 1560 or fax 011 234 1387; email or visit our website


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