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SPI, the African distributor for utility software products and services to the Open Systems segment of the IT industry and the sole sub-Saharan Africa distributor for HelpSystems, today announced the latter’s latest release of its industry-leading managed file transfer solution, GoAnywhere MFT. This version has unveiled a new look for GoAnywhere with a modernised web interface that simplifies how users interact with others and share files in an increasingly-secure file transfer environment.

GoAnywhere’s new look isn’t just for show. While a modern UI makes it easier to get around the product, it also simplifies how files are shared between users, systems and collaboration modules, giving IT professionals an overall better user experience. Users can just drag-and-drop files and folders from one module to another through an added navigation menu, all without disrupting their workflow.

For organisations that want to personalise the solutions they use, this is now possible. The look and feel of GoAnywhere’s login screen can be adjusted to add a logo, background image, background colour, and more for better brand recognition.

GoDrive, GoAnywhere’s content collaboration module for secure file sharing has been updated to include shareable links. These URLs make it easy to distribute files with external partners (e.g., vendors and contractors) and simplifies collaboration for the end user. Security is also high priority when allowing outside access to sensitive data. Admins can ensure secure sharing practices for GoDrive URLs by making them password protected, giving them expiration dates, and restricting how recipients interact with files.

HelpSystems has also increased GoAnywhere’s authentication options. “With cybersecurity concerns on the rise, we’re always looking for ways to enhance data security for our users,” commented Steve Luebbe, GoAnywhere Director of Engineering at HelpSystems. “The new multi-factor authentication options in this release, including time-based passwords, single-use passwords, and support for app-based methods like Google Authenticator, will continue to prevent unauthorised user access and give our users more MFA options to choose from.”

“We are excited to release this version of GoAnywhere to the public,” added Bob Luebbe, GoAnywhere General Manager at HelpSystems. “Managed file transfer is an important part of our users’ cybersecurity practices. Public GoDrive links, new MFA options and a redesigned web interface will help simplify their processes while keeping their sensitive data secure. We’re proud to be able to do both.”

For more information, please contact Chris Anderson of SPI Group Pty Ltd on 011 234 1560 or email  or visit our website

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