Modern Automation for the Modern Enterprise

Updated: May 15

Modern Automation for the Modern Enterprise

Running an efficient and productive enterprise used to be possible on manpower alone. These days, doing business requires an elaborate ecosystem of technology to be orchestrated quickly and accurately. If critical IT processes fail, the whole company suffers—just one minute of downtime costs an average of R5,600. Meanwhile, the pressure is on the IT department to streamline the work of end users across the entire organization.

Automation is key to achieving business objectives, but today’s enterprises run on infrastructure too complex for yesterday’s job schedulers. Chances are, you are dealing with challenges like:

  1. Processes requiring cross-platform dependencies

  2. Coordinating the automation of multiple applications

  3. Complicated month-end reporting

  4. Maintaining custom scripts for each process

  5. Lack of visibility and insights into automated operations

It might be that you are relying on an unmanageable mix of custom scripting and schedulers built into your business applications. Or maybe your enterprise job scheduler just hasn’t grown at pace with your automation requirements. It’s time to move on to a comprehensive, scalable, IT automation solution.

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